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Welcome to the site of BBC-Surplus b.v.b.a., your partner in obsolete surplus spare parts !

In every manufacturing facility or machine shop, something is sitting in a corner, not being used and getting dusty!


The fact is that surplus inventory is one of the forgotten costs that today's industrial companies faces. The cost of the products themselves and the loss of working cash are just a few ways that surplus inventory can eat away a part of your bottom-line profits.


BBC is one of the largest companies in Europe specialized in buying and selling industrial surplus spare parts from all over the world. We have a huge warehouse with over 4,000 square feet to store our industrial spare parts, such as bearings, valves, pumps, electric motors, gear motors, belts, transmission chains, etc.


Our aim is to help you liquidate your surplus inventories, whether it's used or new spares.
BBC is giving you a fair and reasonable price for your surplus inventories. 


Customer satisfaction is our priority and to make the deal even better we :


  • We pay cash

  • We operate quickly

  • We have our own transport facilities

  • We ship all over the world


© Copyright 2016 - BBC-Suplus b.v.b.a. - all rights reserved 

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